Mobile Heart Services for Healthcare

CARDIODYN offers mobile services on functional and performance testing of the cardiopulmonary, hemodynamic and metabolic system. For physicians in private practices and hospitals, medical training therapy and fitness centers, and for cardiovascular research we provide mobile innovative technology, conduct the tests and deliver reports with detailed results according to evidence-based criteria.

For providers of cardiopulmonary devices and their customers we offer clinical hands-on training and workshops on cardiopulmonary and hemodynamic exercise testing.

In the context of occupational health management CARDIODYN provides workshops and lectures on current health topics for employees.

Health checks and health relevant knowledge for private persons

Using the latest technology CARDIODYN gives private individuals the opportunity to test their exercise capacity and health of the heart, lungs and vascular system.

By means of workshops and lectures the founder of CARDIODYN, Prof. Dr. Katharina Meyer, proficiently and informatively provides health-relevant knowledge on topics such as cardio-circulatory health, weight reduction, and stress management. CARDIODYN also supports and accompanies you with your personal health decisions.